Signs of Human Trafficking


How do you know if someone is a victim of human trafficking? Here are some important signs, or indicators, that someone might be a human trafficking victim:

  • Seem to be restricted or controlled by someone else in the way they are communicating or acting.
  • Show fear, anxiety, depression, or stress.
  • Seem unfamiliar with their environment; don’t know their work or home address.
  • Believe that they can’t leave their home or work environment.
  • Appear to have no identification documents like driver’s license, family pictures, membership cards, or school ID (If school age).
  • Have limited contact with the outside world.
  • Work long hours while receiving little or no money for their services.
  • Show signs of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Are involved in gangs.
  • Have tattoos or “brands.”
  • Suddenly have expensive items that they say are gifts.
  • Are truant from school or don’t come home for days at a time.