PGCHTTF Committees


Victim Services

ChairS: Dr. Glenda Hodges (Still I Rise, Inc.), Laura Ardito, Esq. (UMD SAFE Center)

The objectives of the Victim Services Committee include establishing a full-service facility or network of facilities and services based in the County to house victims of all forms of human trafficking on both short- and long-term bases; reviewing and determining appropriateness of government services in the County and helping to develop training and streamlined protocols to ensure high quality services to victims of trafficking; and creating an electronic services directory for trafficking victims and survivors.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Chair: Detective Tony Hill (Prince George’s County Police Department—Vice Intelligence Unit)

The objectives of the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee include coordinating arrests and prosecutions of traffickers; developing a standard protocol for serving and securing rescued victims; and developing uniform data collection policies and procedures and statistics.

First Responders / Training


The First Responders/Training Committee plans, coordinates, and hosts training for PGCHTTF members and member organizations at monthly Task Force meetings, as well as for individuals and agencies identified as typical first responders to human trafficking events or those who provide services to human trafficking victims or survivors. These trainings aim to equip attendees with the knowledge, tools, and skills to identify, save, and work with victims of trafficking. 

Public Awareness and Outreach

Chairs: Reverend NaShieka Knight (Greater St. John Church), RIANNA BERKELEY, LICSW

The Public Awareness and Outreach Committee facilitates a coordinated marketing strategy aimed at educating the public about human trafficking, how to recognize and combat it as citizens and communities, and what resources are available for victims of human trafficking.

Research and Advisory

Chair: Professor Christine White (University of Maryland College Park)

The Research and Advisory Committee aims to provide research updates on current trends in human trafficking occurring in the County. Additionally, the Committee works to develop a standardized County database that will serve as an information center for first responders, legislators, and law enforcement, enabling them to better adapt to shifting trends in human trafficking.


Chair: Shirley Schreffler (Prince George’s County health department)

The Legislation Committee helps victims of human trafficking by aiding County criminal and civil law enforcement agencies in combating human trafficking and assisting prosecutors by bringing to justice individuals and businesses that support and sustain it in the County. The Committee also updates the Task Force on important federal, state, and local legislative initiatives designed to combat human trafficking and organizes lobbying events to advocate for key legislation.