Meet the Chair


Renee Battle-Brooks, Esq.

Executive Director, Prince George’s County Human Relations Commission; Chair, Prince George’s County Human Trafficking Task Force


 Renée Battle-Brooks earned her Juris Doctor at the University of Baltimore School of Law. This is her 27th year of practicing law, the first eight of which were with the Public Defenders Office for the State of Maryland. For nearly 19 years, she has worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County, Maryland. Her duties have included Chief of the Child Abuse and Sexual Assault and Vulnerable Adult Unit, where she prosecuted those who sought to harm children, including sexual exploitation and child pornography cases. Her final assignment in the Office of the State’s Attorney was serving on the Community Prosecution team where she dealt with a variety of issues, to include human trafficking and other community-based concerns.

In December 2019, Ms. Battle-Brooks was appointed the Executive Director of the Prince George’s County Human Relations Commission. The Human Relations Commission is the county’s civil and human rights education and enforcement agency and is responsible for eradicating discrimination in all forms for all who work, live, play and visit within the boundaries of Prince George’s County. Further, Ms. Battle-Brooks is the Chair Prince George’s County Human Task Force, where she plans to use her prosecutorial background and zealous advocacy to achieve the Task Force’s main goals—identify and recover victims of human trafficking, increase prosecution of traffickers, and educate the public.

In her spare time, Ms. Battle-Brooks lends her services to community issues and groups, serves as a board member of ADRA International and the Columbia Union Executive Committee, and regularly plays the violin with the New England Symphonic Ensemble.