Task Force Overview


The Prince George’s County Human Trafficking Task Force (PGCHTTF) was formed in 2013 and brings together law enforcement, social services, government agencies, and community organizations to combat human trafficking in the County.



PGCHTTF was formed by Council Resolution CR-74-2013 in July 2013 in response to the Prince George's County Human Relation Commission’s 2013 Countywide Community Conference on Human Trafficking. The brainchild of Human Relations Commissioner Walakewon Blegay, the Task Force Resolution was developed and championed by Council Member and Commission Vice Chair Karen Toles.


PGCHTTF focuses on studying and combatting sex and labor trafficking in Prince George’s County, educating the public about human trafficking, identifying and rescuing trafficking victims, and increasing the prosecution of traffickers.


  1. Facilitate more coordinated anti-trafficking efforts in the County through protocol development, extensive community outreach, proactive investigations, law enforcement training efforts, intelligence sharing, forming partnerships between law enforcement and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

  2. Increase identification rates of human trafficking victims in the County, including domestic and transnational victims of both sex and labor trafficking.

  3. Aid in the establishment of a provider network to provide comprehensive services to victims of trafficking.

  4. Increase the prosecution of traffickers criminally and, where appropriate, civilly.